I made a new friend yesterday. Brian and I had breakfast down at the Rocket In. He is a pastor with a dream. His passion for life is helping people set and reach their ministry goals. That’s a dream I share. Brian encouraged me.

God sent another friend to me a few weeks ago. Margaret is a good mother to her boys. She was searching for God. She found Him…and allowed me to baptize her Sunday.

Another friend sent my way is Dave. He just lost his wife, Lynn, to cancer. I had the privilege of knowing her for nearly a year. Dave misses Lynn so much he sometimes feels like his life has ended too.

Greg entered my life and adds joy to it by being a man of insight and wisdom. I think he’s a genius. I know MENSA is in his future. He amazes me.

Lacey is a friend. She brings me the hope of a better tomorrow. That woman eats, sleeps and breathes the possibilities presented with each new day. She has the stamina of a marathoner, the strength of a linebacker, and is the living embodiment of the adage, “If you want to see something get done, ask a busy person.”

Jack loves my son. I do love a person that loves my kids.

Gene took Katie and Corbin to his house for a whole day. He taught them to bake zucchini and banana bread, and some kind of soup.

Jen knows how to live. She loves her husband, her son, her cat… and even me.

Ben is big and tough, but his heart is so kind and soft, I think it’s not muscle at all. It’s made out of love.

Jenn, (I’m into the “…ens” now.) She also takes life by the horns and challenges it for a fight. She wins.  Jen, Ben, and Jenn – I’d love to have them as my kids.

I’ve heard smart people say, “I have many people to thank, but I’m not naming them for fear of leaving some out.”, so I just proved again what my IQ is. I could bore you for hours by naming so many other good friends God has placed in my life. Close, important, vital people.

The ones I just wrote about, I didn’t even know they existed just over a year ago. Some of them I’ve known for only a few weeks. Brian for only two days.

God fills me with joy by placing one new friend after another in my way. I love each crash.

Thank you, God!


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