August 24, 2012 My First Blog

A good friend said, “You should start a blog.” “Good night, who would possibly care what I write about?” blurted my mouth. Then another friend said I should start a blog, and a third. So I’m thinking, “God, are you telling me to put into words the experiences of my days and weeks or are these people crazy?” My bud, the webmaster and all around crazy person, Ben, has now made it possible.

I’m kind of getting into it.

“In the beginning…” New home. New state. New town. New friends. New children. New schools. New church. New job.

Each seems exciting and, well, new. Except the children one. That one fills me with self-doubt and sheer terror. The children deserve great parenting, fantastic experiences, fun and energetic caregivers who take the mundane days and fill them with adventure. Our two don’t get that from us.

They’ve known us forever. We were the grandparents who took them to our house for the weekend, showed them a wonderful time, then took them back to their mom Sunday afternoon so we could rest and renew. And then their mom died. Since Christmas Eve, 2011, it seems we haven’t rested at all. They want to know, “why” to whatever brilliant instruction we give. The books make parenting seem simple, but it’s not. It was actually easier the first time we were parents. Audacity and inexperience count for something when you’re a first-time parent. Each little inconsistency on my part, and they pounce on it. I still have bruises.

Then came Tuesday evening. We were registering in a new school. The only ones with gray hair in the place were a couple of the school administrators, and me. All the other parents looked like they should be enrolling too. I’ll be an embarrassment to my offspring.

We were having our family devotional the other night, (Is it ever hard to try and get that in nightly, which makes me feel guilty, too. But that’ll be another blog subject), when our older one asked, “Grandad, are you and Memom going to die soon?” That can take the wind out of you! And how do you say, “None of us knows when our time will come,” without looking really dumb. Doesn’t sound very adventuresome to me. So I said, “I hope it isn’t tomorrow.” Sage words.

God, please give me strength, but mainly give me stamina, and make me get up in the morning.

God bless,


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